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    Methods of Computer Aided Geometric Modelling of Architectural Objects Gintaris Cinelis The principles, methods and examples of geometric modelling of architectural objects using the tools of vector computer graphics and classical variantinis darbo pavyzdys D and 3D geometric objects are analysed with variantinis darbo pavyzdys final destination to prepare the documentation of the project.

    This variantinis darbo pavyzdys book is firstly planned for students of architecture.

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    It can also be useful for students of other programs of variantinis darbo pavyzdys engineering, design and other who use computer aided 3D modelling principles in the process of study. Provided examples and statements of the book are mainly related to popular computer aided design system AutoCAD being used in academic variantinis darbo pavyzdys in many academic institutions superior releases, for example, 222 They also can be applied to the other computer aided design systems similar in functionality.

    The book is oriented to the reader already having primary knowledge and practical work variantinis darbo pavyzdys with computer aided design systems.

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    This book is mainly intended to use in high school when studying computer aided architectural design discipline. The author thanks his students expressing their opinion during the conversations and in the questionnaire.